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Dale Mundi Answers: Is it Better to Raise Your Children in the GTA or Toronto?


Thinking of buying a home in GTA or Toronto? Well, Realtor Dale Mundi can help you make an informed decision. If you have a family with young kids, it’s better to consider which area between the two can afford a good environment for raising kids. There are so many factors to consider before you buy home in one area or another. For good upbringing of kids, parents want safe neighborhoods with good schools, hospitals, infrastructure, and like-minded neighbors. Low crime rate is also another important factor. Everyone wants their family and property to be safe. Homes in neighborhoods where there are low crime rates are more highly sought after than their less-safe contenders.


Parents with school-aged children also prefer neighborhoods with plenty of playmates and enough space for their children. They also prefer neighborhoods with adults with college degrees or even advanced degrees with whom they can share ideas and can act as role models for their children. Everyone wants the best for their kids, and it’s the duty of a parent to seek out environments that enhance the family life rather than diminish it.


When these and many other factors are considered, many experts, including Dale Mundi, agree that it is better to raise kids in the GTA (suburbs) as opposed to raising them in Toronto. Cities like Brampton and Mississauga in GTA boast amenities, parks, museums, and cultural wonders of Canada. There are also theatres and galleries that rival the best in the world, and restaurants that serve delectable cuisine from all over the world. Most GTA home buyers consider rapid transit and downtown virtues as walk able access to amenities as some of the leading factors that inform their decision.


Home prices are also a driving force behind some parents’ choice. Affordability influences the location where people choose to live given the fact that they also have to consider the expenses on the kids’ needs. Realtor Dale Mundi notes that properties in the GTA are friendlier in terms of prices than in Toronto.


Dale Mundi agrees that the GTA is a great choice due to many other aspects. For example, the area has types of diverse housing that can accommodate all demographics are affordable too. Depending on family size and the level of income, parents have a variety of housing units to choose from. GTA is also less noisy compared to Toronto. This gives children a good environment for their studies. Buying a home in GTA is the best decision one can make and when you’re ready to make the move give Dale Mundi and the Realtor Hut Realty team a call.