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Home Inspection Checklist for Bank Sales


Home Inspection Checklist for #Bank #sales #Property #dale #mundi Check the grading status of the building
A. Make sure the ground is debris-free and has no bizarre inclination

B. Ensure that the slope of the land is away from home so that water drains correctly

C. Check to see if the foundation of the home is a wet area

D. Check the stability and functionality of the windows .#dale #mundi

E. Make sure the doors are secure. Make sure you change all locks right after closing.

F. Look for potholes or cracks in the driveway

G. Is the porch or deck in good shape? What about the screen doors?

H. Is there a chimney? Is it functional?

I. Are the stairs in good condition?

J. Has the lawn been well-maintained?

K. What kind of condition is the sidewalk in?

L. Garage and Carport #dale #mundi #bank sale

M. Are there cracks in the walls?

N. What kind of condition are the floors in?

O. Does the ceiling have any signs of a water leak?

P. Is there sufficient lighting?

Q. Is there heating and air-conditioning? Electrical System


S. Is the riser in good condition?

T. Has there been any damage to the electrical meter?

U. Is there up to 200 amps capacity?

V. Are the circuit breakers marked?

W. Roof and Attic #dale #mundi #bank sales

X. Are there any closed vents in the roof?

Y. What is the condition of the insulation?

Z. Are there any soft spots in the attic floor?

AA. Is the wiring secure?

BB. What type of roofing material did the previous owner use?

CC. Is there any mold or termite damage?

DD. Are there holes in the ceiling?

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